Approximately 2-3 hours  • $75

Upcoming workshops: August 24th 12 p.m., October 26th 12 p.m.,

November 23rd 12 p.m.

Chalk Paint® Workshop Schedule

In this workshop you will be introduced to the basic Annie Sloan techniques. You will create a sample piece and walk away with the confidence to create your own projects using Chalk Paint®.  Paint supplies are provided. Please wear your paint clothes! Seating is limited to 8 per session.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to update a small furniture piece. Participants are required to bring one small piece of furniture such as; nightstand, chair or side table to be completed during this three hour class. You must be able to carry and easily transport your piece by yourself. We will demonstrate how to apply Chalk Paint® and complete the waxing process. All materials are included in the workshop and you will leave with a completed piece. Wear your paint clothes! Seating is limited to 4 per session.

This course is specifically designed to help equip you with the knowledge you need to tackle your kitchen cabinets. This workshop will teach you a variety of painting and wax techniques specifically used in cabinetry refinishing. Bring a cabinet door or drawer along from your own kitchen or bathroom and we will walk you through achieving your desired look. You will leave with the confidence to complete your own project and save you thousands of dollars on remodeling. Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan is an easy solution to updating your outdated kitchen while providing a beautiful and durable finish. Cost is $75 and includes supplies.

You must reserve your seat by calling 724-675-8574 or emailing

CHALK PAINT® 102 • 2.5 hours  • $60 (Contact us for schedule)

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CHALK PAINT® 101 • 2.5 hours  • $60 (Contact us for schedule)


Approximately 2-3 hours  • $75

Upcoming workshops: October 5th 12 p.m., November 2nd 12 p.m., December 7th 12 p.m.

In this advanced techniques workshop you learn additional methods to make your projects stand out. The Instructor will guide students through techniques using Craqueleur, Decoupage, and Gold Size. Chalk Paint 101 recommended, but not required.

Supplies will be provided. Please wear your paint clothes!  Seating is limited to 8 per session.

Phone: 724.675.8574